Planet Barcode Solution


Planet Barcode Solution have both Preventive Maintenance and Maintenance service

Preventive Maintenance is to check and clean device.

Maintenance service is service the device that sales support from Planet Barcode to fixed and make sure the device always ready to use. Including to professional consultant to user.

PM or Preventive Maintenance is preventive check up by time scheduling for the device and equipment to always ready to user. Including change print head for printer, cleaning and fixed defective part. The preventive PM have 4 services are :

  1. PM Preventive printer for all brand.
  2. PM Preventive and Repair Onsite for TSC brand only.
  3. PM Preventive for PDA
  4. Service Planet Barcode Support

MA or Maintenance service Agreement is fixed the device to ready for user and professional consult for user.

Special service advantage

There are add on service that customer will get special service since receive device until service end. The special service will extend life of device longer time. Don’t worry for work interrupt.

Any requirement for solution please contact

02-300-5323 #2702 Pannisa

Or chat with admin Line @planetbarcode