Professional Service brings business sustainability and social responsibility.

“Services Lead Sales is one of our core policies since the beginning of Planet Barcode Co., Ltd.  and this vision is deep-rooted in every staff at all levels in our company. Every project will be taken care of with full capacity, good quality product and up to date equipment, this lead to customers’ satisfactory and consequently “Sales”. As our growing customer base is ranging from large scale industries to the 24-hour service convenience stores, Planet Barcode Co., Ltd. continuingly improve skill and capability of our human resources for all different requirements from upstream to final product including consultation, problem solving in every circumstance to keep up with our “Services Lead Sales” policy.

“Human being” the best source of all.

Planet Barcode Co., Ltd. started with an objective to promote “employee” to their full capacity and as a leader in Auto-Identification with world renowned “Business Alliances”, our human resources policy focuses on HR development, updating, training, improving skills to ensure company leading status as a technology product and services provider and to expand product line that meets the market demand.

Our sales engineers and technical support engineers have undergone extensive training and knowledge directly by the specialists from abroad. Thus we are fully capable in system design and hardware selection for our customers according to international standard.

Planet Barcode Co., Ltd. also believes that ethics and moral are basis of social responsibility and company sustainability.